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VA Home Loan Specialist at the Veterans Home Front

 “NO MORE will the veteran be taken advantage of. We have changed the way VA lending is done. We will always do right by the veteran and provide first-class service that ensures our veterans receive the American Dream of home ownership they deserve.” 

K9 Camo Companions

 Our Veterans make sacrifices every day, many that do not end with their time in the service. As a way of thanking Veterans and their families for their service, we have found a valuable connection with companion animals that provides peace and comfort. Our team of volunteers is dedicated to finding the most appropriate match by resourcing many rescue organizations in the west Michigan Area. Once a Veteran K9 connection has occurred, we offer six week Canine Good Citizen classes and certification. 

Warriors Set Free

 Warriors Set Free is a ministry run by Veterans for Veterans. Typically a Veteran will only be comfortable talking to another Veteran about the experiences they have had in a war or military service. Trying to explain your military experience to a civilian has its challenges. We remove that problem by training Vets to help Vets. Our director, founder and volunteers are all Veterans.